Sinapis Group

Sinapis Group is a global social enterprise with a mission to make disciples and alleviate poverty through the power of entrepreneurship.







Sinapis Group was relocating to a new office, a house that was being renovated.

They contracted us to design for them a space that would tell the story of their journey in a glance. They also wanted to showcase their impact and successes in the community by displaying their clients’ testimonials

in a unique way. They wanted both their employees and clients to experience warmth and comfort.

We achieved this by incorporating two full wall murals into our design. One showcased their brand presence across the globe while the other mimicked newspaper cutouts with articles from their most notable and

inspiring success stories. We included comfortable contemporary furniture for breakouts and informal meetings and comfortable working furniture for prolonged productivity.

The space has generated a lot of confidence amongst their clients, staff and investors saying they have signed contracts faster when their clients visit the space! It has become a comfortable working environment for both the staff and the clients.

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