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Mombasa Rd



For the longest time our client did not have a breakout area in their Mombasa Road office. Their tea was made from their small kitchen and served on people’s desks

Then the client thought of creating a lounge area but they did not have the space in their office.That is when they thought of converting their tiny kitchen to be both a kitchen and a breakout area for their staff.

The room only had a worn out kitchen sink, a meko on the floor, big sufuria and paraphernalia on a wooden table. Well, we were super excited to work on this project because we knew we would make it a WOW factor when done!

The client was super happy with the results and could not believe how the small space transformed to be an inspirational, beautiful area where the staff enjoyed their coffee while collaborating, others even preferred to have brief working meetings from there.

“Simply Mammoth Solutions were keen from the onset of the project to the handover in ensuring our breakout space was transformed completely from a bare space to a space with character which inspires conversations. I had peace of mind knowing they’ll deliver efficiently and of time.’

Maureen Mwaura – Warehouse and Operations Lead- Conventional Cargo Conveyors