Disinfect Your Devices

Do you disinfect your devices? The last few months have been something out of a movie with this CoronaVirus (COVID 19) spread. We are majorly asked to stay safe and wash our hands, not to touch our faces. But do you disinfect your devices? The items we touch most are our devices; our phones, laptops, Tvs, mouse,bluetooth devices, remotes and gamepads.Studies have shown everything from staph to e. Coli can thrive on your smartphone’s glass […]

Team Building

Coming together as a team is what makes economies run and that is why team building is a part of every company. Here are a few reasons why team building is important in the workplace: 1. Facilitates better communication – Activities that create discussion enable open communication among employees, and between employees and management. This can improve office relationships and in turn, the quality of work done. 2. Motivates employees – Team leadership and team […]

The Importance Of organizational Culture

Like individuals, organizations too have a unique personality that we refer to as ‘culture’. It’s an invisible yet powerful force that drives the thoughts and actions of each of its members. It’s a system of shared values, beliefs, and goals. Organizational culture has a huge impact on the company’s ability to succeed and make it big in the competitive world that we live in today. A company without a tangible culture finds it difficult to […]

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