The new generation events

New Generation Events

We have experienced robust growth in live experiences that have attracted very well produced events with good budgets

Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds to generate sustainable businesses and super-profits for the creative industry. Over the past years, we have experienced robust growth in live experiences that have attracted very well produced events with good budgets. This ripple effect has led to the establishment and subsequent scale-up of event planning, supplying and management agencies. All this is due to the first generation of event professionals in the country who took that step in investing in new technology, high-quality audiovisual equipment and leading the way for a positive buy-in from the corporate and social market. They took the opportunity to give sense to events, they gave it character. Initially, it was a period of trial and error while improving as we move along. At that time, no checks or balances were put in place, it was a free for all market place. Until now it has dawned on the industry where each stakeholder needs to level up and give value to the client by international standards.

They took the opportunity to give sense to events, they gave it character

Their first venture into this space has created employment to many people in the creative industry, it has created a memorable experience for the event attendees. I could liken this to the first industrial revolution that led to more products being pushed into the economy and advancement in the business climate. All this is known and appreciated but with great positive growth comes with it a lot of repercussions if left unchecked, the effects will be felt in the present & future. At present, the industry is massively demanding value more than profits. The consumers of our products and services realise we are capable of doing much more, this is left to the second generation event professionals.

It will be an opportunity for the second generation to review and save the situation while it is worth saving. Creating a professional industry that is inclusive, rewarding and prosperous to every stakeholder who applies the process

Build a process

Creating structures that serve the needs for every event professional based on the stage and project will be beneficial to everyone within the ecosystem. Thriving as an industry will be assured by the necessary steps to cover the financial, creative, and execution of a project. The absence or disregard of the process leaves room for exploitation and illegal business practices.

Nurturing a healthy ecosystem

An ecosystem assures each stakeholder to contribute significantly to the individual and community. If an event supplier has a thriving business that is not burdened with debt and cash flow problems, they will deliver quality products and services which in turn will give value to the event planner who has the task to deliver a successful event project as per the brief.

This cycle is only possible if each ecosystem member is thriving.

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Industry Association

Keep in mind a community has a stronger bargaining power to effect change in the business environment by applying industry standards and lobbying for better government privileges. Being a community member will open up more markets in the developed economies and give the Kenyan event industry a better chance at competing on the international stage eliminating price wars.

Remember associations will give opportunities for continous learning, accredited titles and international safety ad health packages for every event professional.

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