Stand out in kenya with custom stands by Simply Mammoth Solutions

Modular Exhibition Stands

Modular displays provide a bespoke look with the flexibility of a portable stand. This means you can customise your stand over and over again. High quality graphics can be added and changed as needed, and the versatile construction. This allows you to expand its size, or simply store it away. Modular displays are often favoured by niche companies as they can easily incorporate interactive elements and technology to create a more engaging exhibition.

With a bespoke modular design you have the flexibility to customise any sized exhibition space, whether you’re working with a small unit or need a large graphic back wall.  The adaptability of modular stands is highly beneficial for first time exhibitors who might want to start small with their exhibition and build on their display as their business grows.

We dabble in the art of modular bespoke exhibition stands and help you to stand out!

Sample modular custom made exhibition stand for Dynamic Kenya
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