Winning Exhibition Stands

Characteristics of a winning custom stand

 Every brand looks to bring their A-game to exhibition as part of marketing. These are the three characteristics of a winning custom made stand;

1.     Originality – If not the most critical, originality is one of the most essential components that will make your booth stand out. With so many existing choices, a business must be unique in all aspects and replicating something will just make you blend in.

2.     Consistency – Giving the same amazing or even better experience to exhibition attendees gives people something to always look forward to as they come to your stand. Nothing of quality should be compromised when making your stand. Always get client’s feedback to know what you did right or wrong so you can prepare for the next time.

3.     The unexpected – After delivering a consistent and unique experience, your attendees will expect you to set a higher bar of expectations the next time. People are always looking for something unexpected, fresh, which means that doing the same things all over again would lose their interest easily. Go on, surprise them.

So be the original that your competitors would try to copy. Your booth must always reinvent itself for it to stand out. Today, most people who attend exhibitions have much higher expectations. For original, consistent and surprising custom made exhibition stands feel free to halla!

Custom made stand for Airkenya Express At Sarit Center’s Getaway Tourism Fair Oct 2018
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